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Breastfeeding and Infant Support

Milk Makers Circle

Mondays 12:00p

Free Information and Support Group

If you are looking for support on your milk making journey, join us!

This is a FREE weekly support circle geared toward parents who are breastfeeding/chestfeeding and/or pumping and offering expressed breastmilk.
Families supplementing with formula or donor milk are always welcomed as well.

Bring your babies or nursing toddlers to share and learn in an open and supportive environment. Siblings are always welcomed as we meet in the yoga room which is adjacent to the playroom.

Discussions are facilitated by an IBCLC, CLC or CLE. The gram sensitive baby scale is always available for weight checks and/or pre and post weights.
Topics will vary based on the needs of the group each week. Feel free to attend weekly or drop in as you have a need, question, concern or just want to come and meet some other families.

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Circle of Babies

Wednesdays 12:00p

Free Information and Support Group

Join other new parents in this friendly group to share the experiences and responsibilities of new parenthood.

Discover how to ease the transition into your new role, develop new friendships and enhance your knowledge and confidence as a new parent.

Parenting can be a wild ride, especially during the first few months. We will discuss the joys of and the anxieties of adjusting to new responsibilities and changed routines.

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Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Classes

Breastfeeding 101

2 Hour Class

In our two hour breastfeeding class, you will learn how to get off to a great start at breastfeeding.

You will be able to recognize and avoid common hurdles and gain the confidence needed to meet your breastfeeding goals.

Partners are encouraged and welcome to attend this

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Pumping, Hand Expression & Returning to Work

2 Hour Class

Whether you are pumping to return to work or just to have a supply of frozen milk, knowing about proper pumping and storage techniques is helpful to your peace of mind. This class will cover maximizing your pumping time, hand expression, milk storage guidelines, and how returning to work may affect your breastfeeding relationship.

This class is great for expecting mothers and their partners, as well as the mom whose baby is older.
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Homemade Baby Food and 
​Baby Led Feeding

2 Hour Class

If you are looking for alternatives to commercial baby food, this class is for you!

Feeding our babies healthy food can seem like an expensive,
complicated and work intensive chore, but it doesn’t have to be!

This class covers several different philosophies of introducing foods and allows a family to find the right start for them and their babies.

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Lactation and Infant Feeding Consultations

Meredith Pollaro, OTR/L, IBCLC, RLC
Meredith began her career as an Occupational Therapist in 2000 at Children's Hospital working in NICU setting, specializing in feeding and swallowing disorders, failure to thrive, cleft lip and palate, and administering swallow studies.

She later moved to Colorado and worked as the Director of Occupational Therapy at Vail Valley Medical Center. She started her training in lactation counseling in 2005 in NICU helping with bottle and breastfeeding. To further her lactation skills she worked at a well baby hospital Summit Medical Center seeing inpatient and outpatient mothers/babies weekly. Both hospitals participating in the Baby Friendly Initiative. 

Meredith has some additional unique training and experiences: She has completed NOMAS training (Neonatal Oral-Motor Assessment Scale), Baby Friendly initiative hospital training, training in pediatric swallowing disorders, UC Davis Baby Behaviors training, attends the International Lactation Consultant Association Conferences and volunteered her time in Romania at a failure to thrive clinic. 

You may wonder how OT/Feeding Therapy relates to Lactation: An infants oral motor skills play an important role in the success of breastfeeding. In many cases, minor refinement in the infant's oral motor skills can make an immediate difference to the success of the breastfeeding pair, as well as providing long-term benefits and preventing more serious problems (  Feeding Therapists are experts on the structure and function of the mouth and the swallow. Their expertise can lend to help babies become more efficient and coordinated feeders.  OT's practice in setting such as NICU, home health, outpatient pediatrics, feeding teams and Early intervention. They can specialize in feeding among many other areas.

Meredith currently provides feeding and lactation services in the community and volunteers her time with The Northern Nevada Breastfeeding Coalition. She also provides private 1:1 consultations by appointment at Biggest Little Baby.

Lactation and Infant Feeding Consultations
Contracted Provider for Prominence and Nevada Preferred Health Care Plans and  accepts HSA/FSA Payments.

*Superbills provided for all other insurance companies for possible reimbursement.
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