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Infant Support and Playtimes

Breastfeeding  and Infant Feeding Circle

Mondays 12:00p

Free Information and Support Group

If you are looking for support on your breastfeeding journey, join us!

Bring your baby to share and learn in a friendly supportive atmosphere. Discussions are facilitated by an IBCLC or CLE, and broach many topics including postpartum adjustment, feeding, burping, sleeping, gas and colic, normal newborn behavior, soothing fussy babies and breastfeeding.

We have a pediatric baby scale to asses the amount of milk your baby is taking in.

Expectant mothers are encouraged to attend prior to giving birth.
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Circle of Babies

Thursdays 12:00p

Free Information and Support Group

Join other new parents in this friendly group to share the experiences and responsibilities of new parenthood.

Discover how to ease the transition into your new role, develop new friendships and enhance your knowledge and confidence as a new parent.

Parenting can be a wild ride, especially during the first few months. We will discuss the joys of and the anxieties of adjusting to new responsibilities and changed routines.

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Play Times

Tuesdays 11:00am-3:00pm

Thursdays 11:30am-3:00pm

​Fridays 11:30am-3:00pm

Free Open Play and Social Time

Perfect for ages 1-4, but open to everyone!

Come play and meet other families in our fabulous playroom!
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Infant, Children and Family Classes

Newborn Care

3 Hour Class

Our newborn care class covers everything you need to know about the first 12 weeks with your new baby.

We will discuss routine hospital procedures, testing, initial vaccinations, breastfeeding, postpartum care, bathing, carseat safety, safe infant sleep and more.
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Cloth Diaper Wisdom

2 Hour Class

This class is designed for the cloth diaper curious as well as the cloth diaper veteran who is looking for some hands on tips and tricks.

Are you wondering about how to get started with cloth diapers? Are you having trouble with or not sure how to care for your cloth diaper stash?

Come take a look at several different brands and styles of cloth diapers and learn the basic care for your ‘fluff’.
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Cloth Diaper Rentals

12 Week Program

Everything you need to successfully cloth diaper your new baby!

Try out MANY different styles and brands for diapers and accessiories before you invest in your own stash!

$50 Program Fee
$150 Refundable Deposit
$15 Per Week Rental
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Babywearing Wisdom

1 Hour Class

Learn all about wearing your baby in this fun, relaxed, and informative class.

Learn how to carry your baby safely in a variety of carriers,
wraps and slings to help you find which style best suits you. 

You will leave with confidence and skills to safely, comfortably and easily wear your baby.
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Baby Carrier Rental

2-12 Week Program

Rent a variety of carriers, wraps, slings and accessories to help you find your favorite!

If you buy a carrier when you return the rental, the $15 will be applied to your purchase!

$15 for 2 weeks carrier rental fee
$15 flat rate for 12 week infant insert rental fee
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Infant Massage

5 Week Series

Promote bonding. Ease digestion. Build body awareness. Boost immune system.
Learn the skills to safely and confidently massage your baby and build a touch-positive household while meeting other new parents.

In this parent-baby series we will learn about:
* baby-safe oils
* techniques for a full-body baby-safe massage
* gas/colic relief
* baby yoga movements

Touch. Heal. Connect.

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Pumping, Hand Expression & Returning to Work

2 Hour Class

Whether you are pumping to return to work or just to have a supply of frozen milk, knowing about proper pumping and storage techniques is helpful to your peace of mind. This class will cover maximizing your pumping time, hand expression, milk storage guidelines, and how returning to work may affect your breastfeeding relationship.

This class is great for expecting mothers and their partners, as well as the mom whose baby is older.

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Homemade Baby Food &
Baby Led Feeding

1 1/2 Hour Class

If you are looking for alternatives to commercial baby food, this class is for you!

Feeding our babies healthy food can seem like an expensive,
complicated and work intensive chore, but it doesn’t have to be!

This class covers several different philosophies of introducing foods and allows a family to find the right start for them and their babies.

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Family Wellness with Essential Oils

1 Hour Class

Discover and experience the 10 Essential Oils that can keep your family healthy, learn the different grades of oils and which are the best to use, how to use them and walk away with natural alternatives to increase your energy, control mood, support your immune system and remedy everyday ailments.

As always, oil classes are baby-friendly!

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Tips, Tricks and Practical Uses of Essential Oils

1 Hour Class

Be an everyday oil user and pick up some snippets of wisdom on how to incorporate these effective essential oils into your life to improve the health and happiness of your family!

Essential Oils can improve and resolve many ailments safely, without side effects and are often less expensive than conventional medicine.

Bring a friend and be sure to take home a sample!
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My Smart Hands

4 Week Series

In this course designed for toddlers (1 year and up), you will learn over 100 signs to use with your child.

In a playful, educational and language-rich environment, caregivers and children will build their American Sign Language (ASL) vocabulary through instruction, interactive games and songs.
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Music For Babies

4 Week Session

This curriculum is based on current research that shows the benefits of early music by stimulating brain and cognitive development.

Using a building block approach that starts with babies, then toddlers, moving onto preschoolers and culminating in group piano instruction.

4 months to walking.
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Step Into Music

4 Week Session

We aim to give children a wonderful musical start and to encourage a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Children experience success with music each week and know the fun of making music with others. Just a few minutes a week can give your child a lifetime of learning!

Weekly Group Music classes from 4 months to 5 years.
Keyboard and Guitar Lessons available too!
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