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We are currently only offering curbside pick-up and
virtual classes & groups.
Please call ahead.

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Classes and Groups

  1. Prenatal and Childbirth Education and Support
    Prepare during pregnancy for your birth! Take a workshop to learn about the process, all of your options and tools available for you. Join our Primed Pregnancy Circle every Saturday at 12p.
  2. Lactation/Infant Feeding Education and Support
    Gather the information you need through our Breastfeeding Wisdom, Pumping and Returning to Work, Infant Led Feeding classes and a weekly Breastfeeding/Feeding Support Circle every Monday at 12p.
  3. Newborn and Infant Education and Support
    Prepare before you bring baby home through our Newborn Care class and continue with Baby Massage and Sign Language. Find support and community in our New Baby Circle every Thursdat at 12p.
  4. Yoga and Fitness Classes
    Make self-care a priority with our prenatal and postpartum Yoga and Fitness Classes. Babies welcome and Childcare is available on most weekday classes!
We strive to cover a wide range of education, community support and resources!

Our instructors are mothers, doulas and midwives and have other obligations
that sometimes require schedule changes.

Please register for all classes (even free ones) so we can notify you in case of a schedule change! 

It is very important to us and the  families in our community that support be accessible.

In order to keep offering our circles for free, we ask that you please shop in our boutique, take our classes, tell your friends about us and donate time and funds when you are able!
Prenatal Education & Support
  1. Classes for Babies and Children
    Toddler and Open Play Times, Step Into Music classes, Baby Massage, Sign Language and much more.
  2. Free Classes and Support Groups
    Primed Pregnancy Support Circle, Breastfeeding and Infant Feeding Circle, New Baby Circle, Babywearing, Dad Meetup, International Cesarean Awareness Network Meetings and more!
  3. Family Wellness and Essential Oils
    Essential oils provide gentle, effective, natural solutions! Learn about the different grades of oils, which are the best to use for what and how to use them. Safe for the whole family.
  4. Parenting Classes
    Coming Soon!
Lactation & Infant Feeding
Newborn Education & Support
Yoga and Fitness Classes
Babies and Children Classes
Free Classes & Support Groups
Wellness & Essential Oils
Full Schedule